Drew Suitor

Drew Suitor

Toronto, ON
[email protected]
1x developer 🤠

Hey there!

My name is Drew Suitor, I’m a full time contemporary artist and in my spare time I enjoy writing code!

Fun facts about myself:

  • I am an avid believer that all foods can be categorized as a soup, a salad, or a sandwich. I am willing to debate this subject with anyone and everyone.
  • I like old BMWs. I think they’re neat. If you have an old BMW please let me know, I’d like to see it.
  • I like to take pictures on film cameras. I think it captures the moment better and I like that there are no second chances.

Welcome to my less serious resume!

From 2015-2020 I studied Computer Science at Carleton University where I spent the majority of my time teaching rocks how to think and learned a little bit of math as well.

Currently, I’m a Software Engineer III at Warner Music group working on Digital Supply Chain, the distribution network for everything music related to our various partners, like Spotify, Apple Music, Tiktok, & more!

Previously, I was a Senior Software Developer at Shopify working on Oxygen! Oxygen is a serverless hosting platform for custom storefronts built in Hydrogen’s React-based framework. You can read all about Oxygen in Shopify’s Engineering Blog on it! A lot of my work on Oxygen has been around deployments and traffic routing making sure merchants can get new iterations of their storefronts deployed (and rolled back) super quickly, and get thier customers routed thier storefronts super fast.

I used to work at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer working on Device Network Quality. My team worked mainly on WhipserNet, the global 3G Kindle network, and Captive Portal Detection Service, a connection-checking service serving over 500 billion requests per month to all Amazon devices. I built a data analysis system which processes nearly 10TB of logs generated by Captive Portal every day to determine information about devices and their traffic.

Previously, I worked at Shopify as Production Engineer Intern on their Datastores team where I worked on optimizing the backup and restore of MySQL persistent disks. In my time at Shopify we were able to reduce backup time from 6 hours to sub 15 minutes. We did this by using incremental snapshot backups where only the blocks of data that changed were backed up, rather than the entire disk. Restore time was also cut down on our largest data set from ~12 hours to sub 30 minutes by restoring the snapshots back to a disk.

You can read all about the backup and restore infrastucture which I built a significant portion of in Shopify’s Engineering Blog

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